The Evolution of Downtown Brooklyn with Regina Myer

By Amanda Chambers

This week's episode of Brooklyn Savvy is a must-see for all New Yorkers, especially those currently living in Brooklyn. President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership Regina Myer joins Toni and the Savvy panelistas to discuss a myriad of issues and changes affecting the borough. 

“We all care about downtown Brooklyn because we all care about the future.”
— Regina Myer

Regina Myer leads the conversation focusing on the fast pace at which Brooklyn is changing. She stresses the emergence of Downtown Brooklyn as the hub of the borough, and the measures she is taking as President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership to make positive changes for its inhabitants.

Myer talks about supporting students by connecting them to corporations and by bringing internships to Brooklyn. The panelistas also challenge Myer on a number of subjects relevant to Brooklynites, such as gentrification, affordable housing, and Brooklyn's job market. The candid discussion is a testament to the passion of Brooklyn residents and the importance of having these productive conversations.

“Downtown Brooklyn should be the center of the borough.”
— Regina Myer

Regina Myer received her BA and Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Before becoming the President of the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership in October 2016, she served as President of Brooklyn Bridge Park. She was also the senior vice president for planning and design at the Hudson Yards Development Corporation, and the Brooklyn Borough Director for the New York City Planning Department.

Be sure to tune in to hear the full discussion with Regina Myer, Toni, and the Savvy panelistas. Missed the episode yesterday? Don't worry! You can catch it again tonight at 7:30 pm and Thursday at 3:00 pm, or visit us online at