Brooklyn Savvy is not a place but a can-do attitude with the perfect balance of sophistication. We are proud to create edgy, compelling, and informative programming that gives voice to social issues from a woman’s perspective.



Watch dynamic host Toni Williams and her savvy panelistas as they exchange candid opinions, real information, and personal insight with their incredible guests.

"Undoing Racism," with Sandra Bernabei, and Kerron Norman talks about the devastating impact of institutional racism, and the systemic disparities it creates in a pluralistic society.

Gloria Feldt, author of “No Excuses” joins Toni Williams and the Savvy panelistas to discuss women in leadership. She analyzes the impact sexism plays in workplace dynamics. 

Previously on Brooklyn Savvy, Lisa Richesson and John Boles shared with viewers what their family dynamic was, and how it transformed over the years. 

Brooklyn Savvy gets insight into the traumatic effects of divorce on children and realistic solutions from Clinical Social Worker Lisa White.

Creativity is limitless and Manufacture NY is proof of that. The Brooklyn based vertically integrated production hub founded by Bob Bland is doing more than physically equipping the unknown and budding designer. Learn more about mentorship, shared resources, and business planning expertise.

Linda Sarsour, Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, joins the savvy panelists to discuss the association and its mission.



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