Soul Food with Carla Hall

By Amanda Chambers 

We are excited to announce that this Sunday at 10:00 am, we are kicking off season 12 of Brooklyn Savvy with Carla Hall, who will join Toni and the Savvy panelistas to discuss her journey from a Broadway hopeful to a chef and restaurateur. The Savvy panelistas and crew were warmly welcomed at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, Carla’s latest enterprise that brings classic southern soul food to Brooklyn’s Waterfront District.

I truly believe that there are no mistakes in the universe.
— Carla Hall

Carla chronicles her fascinating life and how she ultimately wound up in Brooklyn. Her fear of “hating [her] job at 40” prevented her from settling for anything less than gratifying. She forged her own path and made a name for herself almost by accident.

The discussion then turns to the history of food, specifically black food culture. Food is an important aspect of black history, as Carla points out, and it differs in every region of the United States. These regional foods are symbolic of the African American experience and how it is complex and not at all homogenous.

Carla’s love for food stems from the time she spent in Paris after she graduated from Howard University with a degree in accounting. When she came back to the States, she started up a lunch delivery service, which she called “The Lunch Basket.” In just two weeks, she managed to acquire 14 clients. This new business in the food industry led Carla to culinary school when she was 30-years old. She then found herself competing on the hit television show Top Chef, where she won over fans with her unique personality. Today, in addition to running her restaurant, Carla is also the Culinary Ambassador at the African American Museum.

The kitchen is a place of comfort. It is also a place of discipline.
— Carla Hall

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 10:00 am to hear the full discussion with Carla Hall, Toni, and the Savvy panelistas. Can't watch the premiere Sunday morning? Don't worry! You can catch it again Monday at 7:30 pm and Thursday at 3:00 pm, or visit us online at This episode is just the beginning of a new and exciting season of Brooklyn Savvy!