Discussion with Hakeem Rahim About Mental Health

Hakeem Rahim, a mental health advocate and Susan Wiviott, CEO of The Bridge chats with the Savvy panelists to break down what it means to be mentally ill. The guests explains the different types and components of what makes up mental illness. Hakeem, opens up about his own personal struggle with the bipolar disease and connects it to the human experience. Zachery Docinville, opens up about getting help with mental illness after experiencing loss. Watch to see how you can better understand mental illness.

High Anxiety with Beth Finkel

Beth Finkel, State Director of AARP joins the Savvy panel to talk about  her book High Anxiety: New Yorker’s Gen X and Boomers Struggle with Stress, Savings and Security. Finkel explains the obstacles Gen X and Boomers face when trying to create a stable financial climate for themselves and their family. If you fall within this age group and are looking for possible solutions and resources, tune in to learn the political and financial factors involved in this issue and what’s being done about it.

White Lady Black Sons - Part 1 & 2

Brooklyn Savvy talks with author Lisa Richesson and her son, John Boles to discuss her book White Lady, Black Sons. They talk about their family, relationships and circumstances that shaped them into who they are today. In her book, Richesson highlights her real life experience with relationships, race, neglect, abuse, failed dreams, endurance and reconciliations. Join us as Toni Williams and the panelist unravel this painful story.

On part two of this episode, we continue the tragic story of the domestic violence author Lisa Richesson and her son experienced.  The group explore reasons why this abused was endured and the obstacles faced when trying to move forward. If you have friends or loved ones who are in an abusive relationship and don’t understand what they see, this episode will shed light on their perspective and offer insight for those who would like to help.

Interview with Dr. Karen Gould

Brooklyn Savvy joins Dr. Karen Gould, President of Brooklyn College at the Graduate School of Cinema at Steiner Studios. This graduate school is the most popular cinema school in the country. The women discuss the achievements of Steiner Studios and the latest developments at Brooklyn College. Dr. Gould expresses the importance of building a strong team, and making sure everyone is communicating effectively. Watch as Dr Gould shares resources and opportunities available to Brooklyn College students.

Re-Defining the Role of the Brooklyn District Attorney

District Attorney Ken Thompson speaks passionately to the Savvy panel about his role as the DA of Brooklyn. Thompson shares what drives his efforts to ensure that the city has a system that works for everyone. He addresses the systemic failures in the criminal justice system but puts major effort into dealing with the problem. Now Brooklyn is home to the largest conviction review unit in the country. For more, check out the full video to learn more about what's being done in the criminal system. 

How to Develop a Healthy Self-Esteem

Deborah Blumenthal, author of A Different Me joins the Brooklyn Savvy panel to discuss her book and the challenges young teenage girls face with self-image. With plastic surgery and beauty enhancement becoming the norm, it’s no secret that these young girls see plastic surgery as the way to go. Blumenthal share a some ideas on how to discuss self-esteem. Watch this episode to learn about more about Deborah’s book A Different Me. and how women can find beauty in themselves.

Is Surrogacy Your Answer?

Carlo Scissura, president of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, along with Jen Rachman of Surrogacy Circle sit with Brooklyn Savvy to share their personal stories on how they arrived to their decision on surrogacy. Both happily agree that having children through gestational surrogacy was an incredible experience. Tune in to see how surrogacy changed their lives forever.

Life Reimagined; Begins Again

Brooklyn Savvy talks life before and after retirement with Maggie Castro-Stevens, coach for AARP’s Life Reimagined program. If you're wondering what's next in your life, this program can help you figure out where you are and what your next steps should be. Castro-Stevens thoroughly explains the concept and how the program came to be. Watch this episode to see how you can make the right choice for your future.

Designer with a Purpose

Designer Ogo Ekweozor of OGONYC discusses her passions and purpose for her organization. She is an advocate for women's rights, especially young girls in orphanages and sex trafficking. She spreads awareness by helping to raise money and doing designs of her own. Ekweozor talks more about her designs and how she wants to use her organization to help other people. Watch this episode to find more about her work and how you can get involved to save lives. 

Addressing Health Disparities through Neighborhood Care

In this episode, healthcare professionals Yvonne Graham, Nazneen Rahman and Dr. Navarra Rodriguez sit down with Toni and her panel to understand health disparities among different groups of people in New York. The women join heads as they talk about ways to fix disparities and what each of us can do to keep ourselves and those around us healthy.