The Road to Success with Marge Magner

By Amanda Chambers

This week's episode of Brooklyn Savvy features Marge Magner and the inspiring story of how she found her way in the business world. She details the struggles she had to overcome in order to make a name for herself. Stay tuned to hear her journey as well as some great advice, especially for young female professionals who want to stand out.

“I heard regularly, ‘You’re taking the job of a man. You really shouldn’t be here.’”
— Marge Magner

Growing up, Marge Magner was given the impression that the only options for her were to either become a teacher or a nurse. In a sort of act of defiance, she challenged those expectations and decided to enter the business world. She graduated from college in 1969 when women were starting to find themselves and assert their independence. Her college degree gave her opportunities that many women did not have during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This does not mean that Marge was without obstacles, though.

Marge speaks about the lack of female leaders in the business world when she was getting started, and therefore the lack of female mentors. She also notes that she was one of five women in her business class that consisted of approximately 120 men. The conversation then turns to pay equity, and the importance of confronting this issue head-on.

“I was not brought up with an expectation of, ‘I could do great things.’”
— Marge Magner

Marge Magner grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn where she attended public school. She graduated from Brooklyn College in 1969 with a degree in psychology. She spent some time working for an insurance company before going back to school to receive her Masters of Science and Industrial Administration from Purdue University. Magner is the cofounder of Brysam Global Partners and also serves as Chairwoman of the Gannett Corporation. She is also the lead director of Accenture.

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